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Weekly Weigh In Week 2

So we have made it  to week 2 and I have had the absolute week from hell and god knows how I have managed to diet at all in this last week.

So my Grandad died, I had a period without chocolate (now that is the worst ever thing in life for a woman with PMT) and I have spent the whole week rowing with my mum. It’s hard to believe she is in England and I am in Portugal and we can still have a big barney.

For me when you are stressed or on a period the one thing you do is comfort eat and I can’t believe I was able to walk past the Ben & Jerry’s in the supermarket last night. Now that is so, not me.

"cabbage soup"So the exercise went to pot last week (well I didn’t do what I aimed to do and I hate missing targets). All I managed was 9 times around the track walking (not even power walking) and that was it. Now that is pathetic for what I planned to do.

Still not bad though as that is still 15750 metres or just short of 10 miles.

And now the cabbage soup diet how the hell anyone is supposed to stick to that is beyond me. I officially hate soup even when I added some nice herbs and married to a cyber chef doesn’t help matters!!!

I could do a bowl of soup a day no problem but I would much rather go hungry than have two bowls of it in 24 hours. I managed to eat a lot of fruit though on the days I was allowed it and stuck it out for 6 days altogether. I don’t know how people do it for a fortnight.

I always said trying a couple of these fad diets was just a quick one off. My full intention was to get back on the Slimming World diet so we plan to eat normally for today and tomorrow and start back on the Slimming World diet from Wednesday morning. I feel there is just too much pressure to have a Monday morning weigh in as its so close to the weekend and would feel much better with one on a Wednesday instead then I can spread out my naughtiness.

So this morning I weighed myself and even though I didn’t get the exercise in that I wanted I still lost 5 pounds this week.

So I will be back on Wednesday as I commence the Slimming World diet.
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