الاثنين، 7 يناير 2013

Another Weight Loss At Slimming World And Less Than Three Weeks Until Christmas

So I have been so busy working and eating maltesers that I have not had the chance to update you on my weight loss to date.
So I weighed myself yesterday morning and was pleased to find out that I had lost 0.7 kilos which meant that I have now officially lost over a stone since I started this site. Well 14.5 pounds to be exact!

Plus I am on a period this week which means that I can not physically cope without huge quantities of chocolate.

The last few days I have been obsessed with maltesers and whenever I see an advert on the television for them I turn into this crazy mad woman! So last night I gave in and shared a bag of maltesers with the husband though I may confess I did eat a lot more of them than he did!

"weight loss dream"And it never feels as bad to cheat straight after weighing yourself as you have a full week to get back to normal.

I am considering a different type of cheating over the next month or so though. The beauty treatments that are supposed to help with weight loss are incredibly cheap here in Portugal so I am going to give it a go and see how much weight I lose with it.

Last time I tried it I lost 2 kilos in one week which is nearly three times what I lost last week and is the same amount as killing yourself on the diet for a week.

So I will see what I can find to get done with the build up to Christmas but for now I am celebrating my first stone off and here is to the next stone. I am now just 8.5 pounds off my first club 10 target.

And it would be lovely to be there for my birthday at the end of January!
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