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Back To Maintaining My Weight At Slimming World And Kick Starting My Christmas Weight Loss Targets

As I write this its 24 hours since I got weighed and realised I had lost very little. I have not quite maintained but lost very little this week. I was hoping for a weight loss of 0.7 kilos this week and managed a pathetic 0.2.
Horrible amount – I know it is still a weight loss and compared to the husband’s gain of 0.2 I should be happy but I am not. So I have gone from being 98.6kilos and 217.3 pounds to 98.4kilos and 216.8 pounds. Though it does sound nice to say that I am below 15 and a half stones.

"weight loss"So then I look at where I went wrong over the last week.

I still didn’t have loads of syns but the supply of mint 2 finger kitkats entering my body has been growing and my exercise hasn’t felt like I have been putting much of an effort in at all. I feel like my exercise is getting me by but I don’t feel motivated and I certainly don’t feel like I am pushing myself in the slightest.

So I am fresh off the Wii this morning and enjoyed a full 17 minutes on the Zumba which I think if memory serves me correctly is the most I have ever done on it at once.

It felt really good and I feel like I want to do another 17 minutes so next time I am going to push myself even more and do the 20 minute mini class. Which looks very good and I can’t wait to try it.

I am also going to match this up with some different things on the Wii and target the high impact exercises rather than messing around with the balance games. Which I would agree is great for the posture but never that great for actually losing weight.

So I will be checking out the boxing, more Zumba and some more step aerobics. I have got a higher step so it is like doing the two step up at the step aerobics class. Can only manage 8 minutes at once though. I have tried much longer but my legs felt absolutely awful. I just couldn’t believe how much they ached.

I have also read many times how important 15 minutes of exercise is and rather than do big lots of exercise small amounts are better. So I am going to challenge myself to 60 minutes a day in 4 lots of 15 minutes.

Now doing this is going to be tough especially while holding down a full time business.

So I am going to report back next week with a full countdown of all exercise I am going to do. This week is going to be the week for me! So watch this space.

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